1 A Survey of Large Language Models web
2 Aligning Large Language Models with Human: A Survey web
3 A Comprehensive Overview of Large Language Models web
4 Large Language Models web
5 A Survey on Evaluation of Large Language Models web
6 Is Prompt All You Need? No. A Comprehensive and Broader View of Instruction Learning web
7 Challenges and Applications of Large Language Models web
8 A Survey on Model Compression for Large Language Models web
9 How Can Recommender Systems Benefit from Large Language Models: A Survey web
10 A Survey of Techniques for Optimizing Transformer Inference web
11 Instruction Tuning for Large Language Models: A Survey web
12 The Rise and Potential of Large Language Model Based Agents: A Survey web
13 A Survey on Model Compression and Acceleration for Pretrained Language Models web
14 Domain Specialization as the Key to Make Large Language Models Disruptive: A Comprehensive Survey web
15 Explainability for Large Language Models: A Survey web
16 The Rise and Potential of Large Language Model Based Agents: A Survey web
18 Large Language Model Alignment: A Survey web
19 Bias and Fairness in Large Language Models: A Survey web
20 A Survey on Fairness in Large Language Models web
21 A Survey on Deep Neural Network Pruning: Taxonomy, Comparison, Analysis, and Recommendations web
22 Towards Better Chain-of-Thought Prompting Strategies: A Survey web
23 A Survey of Large Language Models for Healthcare: from Data, Technology, and Applications to Accountability and Ethics web
24 Augmenting LLMs with Knowledge: A survey on hallucination prevention web
25 From Instructions to Intrinsic Human Values -- A Survey of Alignment Goals for Big Models web
26 A Survey on Large Language Model based Autonomous Agents web
27 Through the Lens of Core Competency: Survey on Evaluation of Large Language Models web
28 Open Problems and Fundamental Limitations of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback web
29 A Survey on Hallucination in Large Language Models web
30 Unifying Large Language Models and Knowledge Graphs: A Roadmap web
31 How Can Recommender Systems Benefit from Large Language Models: A Survey web
32 Large Language Models for Information Retrieval: A Survey web
33 Survey on Factuality in Large Language Models: Knowledge, Retrieval and Domain-Specificity web
29 web
1 GPT 1 Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training web
2 GPT 2 Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners web
3 GPT 3 Language Models are Few-Shot Learners web
4 Codex Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code web
5 InstructGPT Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback web
6 GPT 4 GPT-4 Technical Report web
7 GPT-4 GPT-4 system card web
8 prompt Pre-train, Prompt, and Predict: A Systematic Survey of Prompting Methods in Natural Language ProcessingPre-train, Prompt, and Predict: A Systematic Survey of Prompting Methods in Natural Language Processing web
9 RLHF Augmenting Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback web
10 context What learning algorithm is in-context learning web
11 ppo Proximal Policy Optimization Algorithms web
12 TAMER Interactively Shaping Agents via Human Reinforcement web
13 GPT-4 Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence Early experiments with GPT-4 web
14 Continual Pre-Training of Large Language Models: How to (re)warm your model? web
15 Self-Alignment with Instruction Backtranslation web
16 Llama 2: Open Foundation and Fine-Tuned Chat Models web
17 The RefinedWeb Dataset for Falcon LLM web
18 D4: Improving LLM Pretraining via Document De-Duplication and Diversification web
19 Textbooks Are All You Need web
20 How to Protect Copyright Data in Optimization of Large Language Models? web
21 Baichuan 2: Open Large-scale Language Models web
22 LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models web
23 SlimPajama-DC: Understanding Data Combinations for LLM Training web
24 Qwen technical report web
25 LLM.int8(): 8-bit Matrix Multiplication for Transformers at Scale web
26 GLM: General Language Model Pretraining with Autoregressive Blank Infilling web
28 PaLM 2 Technical Report web
29 OPT: Open Pre-trained Transformer Language Models web
30 BLOOM: A 176B-Parameter Open-Access Multilingual Language Model web
31 Skywork_13b Skywork: A More Open Bilingual Foundation Model web
31 BlueLM BuleLM web
32 openai agi plan openai pdf
31 web
1 关于ChatGPT的思考-李理 (强烈推荐) web
2 后GPT 3.0时代,主流大模型技术精要详解,走向AGI之路的大门已开 web
3 拆解追溯 GPT-3.5 各项能力的起源 web
4 Prompt 方法简介 web
5 吴恩达 prompt enginerring web
6 大语言模型推理性能优化综述 web
7 万字综述:大语言模型驱动智能体(LLM Agent)进展与潜力 By 复旦+米哈游 web
8 万字综述:大语言模型指令调优综述 web
9 一文了解大模型推理优化技术进展 web
10 Do Machine Learning Models Memorize or Generalize? web
11 An Initial Exploration of Theoretical Support for Language Model Data Engineering. Part 1: Pretraining web
12 符尧:别卷大模型训练了,来卷数据吧! web
1 openai openai web
2 openai chat chat web
3 openai platform overview document examples playground web
GPT tools
1 openai-cookbook github
2 Azure OpenAI github
3 go-openai web
4 注册openai web
5 ChatPaper github
1 DeepSpeed web
2 Megatron-LM web
3 transformers web
4 Megatron-LLaMA web
5 Megatron-DeepSpeed web
6 ColossalAI web
7 BELLE web
8 FastChat web
9 langchain web
10 llama web
11 llama.cpp web
12 Chinese-LLaMA-Alpaca web
13 Llama2-Chinese web
14 TinyLlama web
15 vllm web
16 Firefly web
17 xformers web
18 flash-attention web
1 streaming-llm web
1 RedPajama 1T tokens web
2 Pile 825GiB web
3 SlimPajama 627B web
4 falcon-refinedweb 1.68TB web
5 BigScience Data 300B web
6 oscar web
7 openwebtext web
7 C4 305G web
Code & Math
1 starcoderdata 250B tokens web
2 MathGLM 3G web
1 MNBVC 目标40T,一直进行中 web
2 CLUECorpus2020 100G高质量语料 web
3 xuanyuan 开源60G,在更新 web
4 wudao 开源200G web
5 TigerBot 开源100G,英文51G,中文55G web
6 llm-dataset-chinese-poetry web
7 CC-100 多语言中中文54G web
8 源1.0 开源1T需要申请 web
9 CBook-150k web
10 awesome-chinese-legal-resources web
11 chinese-poetry web
12 commoncrawl web
13 SkyPile-150b 150b web
Alignment(sft & rlhf)
1 COIG web
2 ShareGPT-Chinese-English-90k web
3 ShareGPT52K web
4 belle 3.5M_CN web
5 databricks-dolly-15k web
6 alpaca-gpt4 web
7 GPT-4-LLM web
8 Cot web
9 InstructionWild web
10 GuanacoDataset web
11 Huatuo-Llama-Med-Chinese web
12 OpenOrca web
13 LongForm web
14 code_instructions_120k_alpaca web
15 lima web
16 wizard_vicuna_70k web
17 wizard_vicuna_70k_unfiltered web
18 hh-rlhf web
19 full-hh-rlhf web
1 web


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